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Bringing clients fresh perspective on markets, customer segments and competitive disruptions to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth with increased differentiation.  


Denton/Neely is a management consultancy specializing in strategies to help B2B companies grow revenue.  Studies of public companies have shown that growth is the biggest factor in enterprise valuations, driving more that half of the gains.    


We have observed how companies can fall short of understanding how to compete with distinction in the eyes of their customers due to constrained marketing and sales resources.  Over time, commercial efforts narrow in scope, increasing both the difficulty of growing organically and the likelihood of cyclical earnings.  


We help reverse these trends with proven analytic techniques that are transferrable and broadly applicable across industries and national boundaries.  Our approach is to work collaboratively with client teams, simultaneously augmenting their capacity and de-risking the process towards change as options are tested and new strategies and commercial capabilities are put in place.


Key impact areas:

  • Strategy, and organizational alignment to achieve the strategy
  • Corporate Development, including foreign market penetration and M&A
  • Strategic Marketing, and putting the theory into practice through effective Sales Management processes
  • Mediation services, often applicable in private company transactions


For no-commitment informational interview please visit and click "Request a Meeting" - we welcome exploring your needs and how we could help grow your business.


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