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DENTON/NEELY & Company is a management consultancy focused on helping executives move companies forward strategically.  We will collaborate with you on customized projects to ensure they are clearly scoped, time-bound and have mutually-agreed deliverables.  Typically, these involve analyses to improve management’s line-of-sight to demand with potential to improve revenue quality and capacity utilization; assessments of current and new business portfolio options to optimize resources, cash flow and profitability; strategy process and transformation program facilitation to ensure organizational alignment, focus and momentum towards achievement; assistance with pre-determined growth initiatives, including commercial operations, M&A and international expansion.  

Does your company's growth program lead to differentiation?


What we do

We help companies
accelerate growth

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why we do it

Growth drives
enterprise value

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Where we focus

Strategy and commercial development
in B2B companies

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Since growth is the #1 driver of company value, we concentrate on helping you realize additional pathways to new, sustainable and high-quality revenue.

Building sustainable revenue growth despite marketplace turmoil

Denton/Neely’s partners contribute extensive worldwide business management and legal experience to formulate actionable ideas to advance your corporate growth and development.   Complementary programmatic implementation systems help your front-line teams align and manage operations with reduced complexity and risk during variable growth phases.  Experience spans several industries, including those related to the Core Materials, Packaging, Surface Transportation, and Energy sectors.

Differentiation key to amplifying growth

We work with owners and executives to help you interpret the global drivers of demand, so you can nimbly and continuously refine your organization’s competitive differentiation.  Denton/Neely’s global industry perspective better prepares you for long-term decision-making that helps grow your business profitably.

Building a pathway to success together

We work collaboratively with you to develop actionable response plans based on analyses of customer segments, competitive dynamics, and your company’s internal processes and resources for strategic accomplishment.  Then we stick with you through implementation to respond and adjust to market conditions, so you don’t miss a step.

"The advisors from Denton/Neely are quick studies who have meshed well with our staff and network of project participants.  Their promptness with analyses and actionable recommendations strengthened the investment case and progress towards implementation."

- Mark Sterling, CEO Beaver Excavating Company


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